Ed Tech RCE Coach

Ed Tech RCE Coach
Ed Tech RCE Coach

Helping education administrators make better, more informed decisions and improve student outcomes.

The Objective Insights that Educators Need

Educators and school district administrators make frequent decisions about educational technologies that have the potential to improve students’ outcomes. The Ed Tech RCE Coach helps you generate objective evidence about what works in your setting and with your students, allowing you to move beyond subjective recommendations and marketing materials to choose technologies that will drive educational improvement in your district.

What Is Ed Tech RCE Coach?

The Ed Tech RCE Coach provides districts with an online platform that guides them through the process of planning and executing a rapid-cycle evaluation of an educational technology. The Coach includes all the tools required to conduct a forward-looking pilot of a new technology or a backward-looking evaluation of a technology already implemented with a subset of schools, teachers, or students.

Meet the Expert:
Alexandra Resch
Alexandra Resch
Associate Director

Who Should Use Ed Tech RCE and for What?

Ed Tech RCE Coach is a powerful tool that helps school districts and administrators evaluate educational technology and answer important questions:

  • How can I set up meaningful pilots of new educational technologies?
  • Does our ed tech program lead to the desired outcomes?
  • Should we keep paying for a software tool we're already using?

Recommending a Methodology

Based on information the user provides about the technology and setting, the Coach recommends a rigorous approach to evaluate the technology’s effectiveness.


Planning the Research

The Coach guides users through the key features of their evaluation, including crafting a research question and considering how to use the results. 


Preparing Data

The Coach uses data and user inputs to create two groups: a technology user group and a similar comparison group.


Analyzing the Data

Based on user inputs, the Coach automatically analyzes the data and provides immediate results.


Summarizing the Findings

The Coach compiles results and the contextual information provided by the user into one succinct document.

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