A Trusted Learning Partner for Foundations

Jan 15, 2020

From its earliest days, Mathematica has been a trusted partner to foundations and philanthropic changemakers, helping them better understand and transform the communities they serve. Our partnerships support foundations and philanthropic organizations in addressing a range of complex issues domestically and internationally—from ensuring quality public education and expanding access to health coverage in the United States, to reducing health and gender inequalities in Africa and Asia, to facilitating action on global climate change.

Our philanthropic partners benefit from the diverse expertise of our nearly 1,400 employees, our deep networks in the United States and globally, and our wide-ranging capabilities. Our broad-based capacity enables us to be a flexible and nimble partner, adapting to foundations’ evolving strategy and information needs in real time to ensure that learning informs decisions and deepens impact. Watch our video to see how Mathematica is supporting foundations to transform communities and catalyze social change.


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