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The world of education is becoming inundated with data, and the growing use of technology in schools has made it even easier to collect and report data continuously.

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Does high-stakes evaluation scare teachers away? And if so, which teachers? Does this help or harm students? High-stakes evaluation does affect who comes into the classroom and who stays there, and research indicates that this flux may actually be good for students.

Expert Spotlight
  • Jill Constantine
    Senior Vice President; Managing Director of Human Services

    Jill Constantine is an expert in teacher compensation and quality, as well as access to college for low-income students.

  • Matthew Johnson
    Senior Researcher

    Matthew Johnson’s work focuses on education policy and measures of educator effectiveness, including teacher and school value-added models. His research interests include federal student aid and students’ borrowing decisions.

  • Mary Grider
    Associate Director

    Mary Grider is an expert in the development of comprehensive data systems to support education research, programs, and policies.